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161013aThis year, we have been working with Faversham Activity Centre to promote their web site online - bringing more visitors to the site and into the centre itself.

As with any SEO project, we started by checking where the site was ranking for various keywords that the centre wanted to be found with online. Once we had these results, we were able to determine which areas we needed to work on first. Some keywords were not ranking at all and therefore would take longer for the site to get to the first page of Google results so we started working on these keywords first.

We have made many technical changes to the site to ensure that Google and the other search engines see the site, understand what services the centre offers and ensure that the site is ranking high in the search results.

These technical changes include adding the appropriate meta data to pages, adding header tags, installing a site map and ensuring the site loads fast enough by compressing code and images.

There are many aspects to improving a site's ranking in the search engines and because each site is different, there's no step-by-step guide to follow.



Below is a graph showing where the site started in the Google search rankings for the term 'Faversham gym'. Before we started our work, if you typed 'Faversham gym' into Google, the centre's site would appear in 45th position, meaning it was on the fifth page of the results given. Customers would need to be quite determined to find you to look through 44 results before getting to you.

As you can see, the graph moves up as we start work on the site and each blue dot represents when we have checked the rankings. The red line indicates the first page of Google so any blue dots above the red line mean that the site is appearing on the first page of search results.



Since starting the search engine optimisation work on the site, we have monitored the site's progress in the rankings every month and kept track of what worked and what did not. As you can see, the site is now ranked number one for 'Faversham gym' and has been there for some time.

We will continue to monitor the site and if it falls below first place, we will make further changes to improve its ranking again.

Unfortunately SEO is not a one time job. Often a lot of work needs to be done at first to achieve a high-ranking position in the search results but once a site is there, often it can just be monitored and only worked on again if the situation changes.

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