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The majority of our customers are on pay monthly web site plans, meaning that for a small fee each month we build, maintain, host, update, backup and generally look after their web site so that they can focus on their businesses instead of worrying about all of the boring technical stuff.

As part of this, we always encourage our customers to review their sites every so often and think about any new features that they would like adding. Last week we implemented three updates which are useful but things that people rarely think of when they first have their sites built.

Of course, because of the pay monthly plans, all of these updates were done for free.

  1. I Am Your PA -

    Della asked us if it would be possible to add a 'click to call' button to her web site so that anyone visiting the page could call her easily.

    Previously visitors had to copy the phone number down and then enter it into their phone. Now, they can just click on the button and their phone will automatically start calling Della's number.

    It's a small and simple addition to the site but it makes the user's experience much easier.

  2. Platoon Stores -

    Pete runs Platoon Stores, an online retailer selling various BB guns, knifes and hunting related equipment. He asked us whether we could add functionality to his site so that he could offer discount vouchers and bundles deals to customers.

    The discount voucher system was already added to his site but we have now added 'bundle deal' functionality so that he can set up discount for his customers if they buy certain products e.g. if they buy three particular products, they receive a 15% discount on their order.

    This was slightly more complicated to set up but it is a great way to 'up sell' to customers - generating more income for the shop whilst also providing loyal customers with a way to save money.

  3. Jewellers in Kent -

    Kim runs a jewellery shop in Sandwich in Kent and an online shop. He wanted to add functionality to his shop so that he could offer a 10% discount on products in certain categories.

    This is a great way to offer customers a discount but limit it to certain products easily i.e. you do not need to update every product that you would like to offer a discount on, rather you can just apply the discount voucher to an entire category of products.

    This update has now been applied and Kim is busy e-mailing his mailing list of customers, letting them know about the special Christmas deal.



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