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Passfaster is Liverpool's largest driving school and has been running for over 15 years. It's a family business, run by Chris and they have over 20 instructors working across the city.

Chris contacted us a couple of years ago and asked us to build him a new web site with more features. He liked the old site design so he wanted the new site to replicate this as much as possible but crucial was that the new site would work well for SEO purposes.

The old site lacked some features, meaning that it was difficult to update but it was ranking well in the search engines. Part of the build process for the new site was to ensure that these rankings were not lost.

We started work building the new site and launched it back in 2014. Since then we have been steadily working on the SEO for the site for these search terms:

  • driving lessons Liverpool (ranked number one)
  • Liverpool driving school (ranked number one)
  • driving school Liverpool (ranked number one)

Although most of the hard work has been done, it is important to continually maintain a site's SEO work as other sites come along from time to time to try and knock our site off of the top spot.

You can take a look at the Passfaster site here, or try for yourself by entering one of the search terms above, into Google.



kent classic rallies

Kent Classic Rallies: "We are a new motoring association set-up to organise a different type of classic/ sports car rally to the common club runs. Objectives are to build a reputation for arranging value for money, events that will inspire the participants and provide a challenge, but not be competitive. Events will be open to all section of the motoring fraternity that includes individuals, clubs and groups."

Faversham Designs: "We were really keen to help Graham with the site. This year, 2016, is the event's first and we wanted to help get it off the ground and to help an event that's local to us so we've volunteered our time for free."

Site Features

  • Content management system
  • Online entry forms
  • Mobile friendly - works on mobiles, tablets and desktops

Customer Rating

How was the communication with us?: Very Good

5 stars

How did you find our response times to your questions?: Very Good

5 stars

What did we do really well?: The web page/s layout looks convincing and informative. It does what is designed to do guide the user through the various pages of informatiom

What can we do better?: Buy, or loan a classic sports car and enter our event.We would love to have you there on the day!

Graham's Comments

"James took this task on with very little in terms of briefing, no previous template to work with and nothing more than an idea from a single conversation. Kent Classic Rallies was born. Superb timely launch, and effective support. Excellent work."

See the new site for Kent Classic Rallies online, now.


Well, January has been a bit of a blur. Not because it has gone quickly but more because we've been working really hard and here's why.

Around Christmas time a virus was released which was targeted at the content management system that we use for most of our web sites. Unfortunately this caused us, and everyone else around the world that uses Joomla, an awful lot of work.

The virus was very well written and managed to infect millions of sites around the world. Luckily for us, we caught it quickly and patched all of our customers' web sites which meant that only a couple were seriously infected. All of our sites were updated, cleaned and secured and our customers were not affected.

We've been monitoring all of our sites as normal and I'm pleased to say that we can now get back to our usual day-to-day jobs.

Over the next few weeks I'm aiming to update our blog with the latest sites that we've created and have gone live. In the pipe line we have an ecommerce web site for a gym equipment company, a tourism web site, a car sales company in Sittingbourne, a site for an award winning hair dresser, a mobile app development site and a gardener based in Ashford - we like it when's it's busy!


academy of sound

Academy of Sound: "This is a Part time DJ Business I have had for 25 years buit have never really advertised so thought it was baout time to embrace the modern world and setup a website."

Site Features

  • Content management system
  • Integrated Twitter feed
  • Mobile friendly - works on mobiles, tablets and desktops

Customer Rating

How was the communication with us?: Very Good

5 stars

How did you find our response times to your questions?: Very Good

5 stars

What did we do really well?: Communication was very good, very friendly with a 'Can Do'  attitude.

What can we do better?: Not much really at least in my case.

Paul's Comments

"From start to finish it became clear I had made the right decision in getting Faversham Designs to do my website. Reasonably priced, a pretty quick turnaround from instruction to going live. Have now asked them to do my business cards as well. Very friendly and helpful, highly recommended."

See the new site for Academy of Sound online, now.


Maryvale Office Services 

Maryvale: "Maryvale Office Services provides fast and reliable secretarial and business administration support for businesses, students and the general public. A majority of my clients are university students who require their essays and dissertations produced. A lot of my clients have also told me they prefer the "at home" office."

Site Features

  • Content management system
  • Individual information pages for each service offered
  • Integrated social networking links

Customer Rating

How was the communication with us?: Very Good

5 stars

How did you find our response times to your questions?: Very Good

5 stars

What did we do really well?: The transition from Wix has been a nightmare and you have made it so easy and have been very understanding. I also like the "can do" approach you have.

What can we do better?: n/a

David's Comments

"I have been really pleased with the excellent service James and his team have provided. The website design is very good as was the level of customer service they provided. Also, the transition from the previous provider was stress free and communication excellent. I would have no doubts in recommending you to anyone who asks for a new provider."

See the new site for Maryvale Office Services online, now.



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