Car Sales and Garage Web Sites

If you are running a garage selling cars, a web site is a key component of your business. More and more, people are not only searching for new and used cars online, they are likely to be unaware that your garage exists. The internet and a dedicated web site can help fix this and bring in more customers to your business.

Just like our other web sites that we develop, our garage sites come with full support meaning that you can focus on running your business and we will take care of the online marketing for you.

Car sales

We provide you with full access to the web site so that you can make updates, changes and add new cars at any time. However, we are also here should you need us to update and maintain the site. We include two free updates to the site for you each month so once a car is sold, just let us know and we will remove the listing for you. Likewise, when a new car comes in, just e-mail us the details and we will create the new listing for you.

Low costs

When we first created a web site for a garage, we were amazed at the prices that other companies were charging for their car sales web sites. Due to this, we have been determined to keep our costs as low as possible. Prices are partly dependent on the number of sales that you make each month as this gives us an idea of how many updates to the site we will need to make on an annual basis.

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